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PT. PAKAR SINAR JAYA is an independent recruitment agency, specialist in providing offshore marine personnel to the Oil and Gas construction industries.

PT. PAKAR SINAR JAYA in addition is assisted by a substantial comprehensive database comprising of personnel who individually work in one of ten offshore disciplines. PT. PAKAR SINAR JAYA provides a managed personnel and administration service from our Batam Island office 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days per year.

PT. PAKAR SINAR JAYA aims to develop our employees to assist in the provision of a professional sustainable workforce for our clients and to the oil & gas industries.

Our goal is to develop PT. PAKAR SINAR JAYA through providing a quality of service driven by its workforce and vision, based on 10 years experience, within the offshore and personnel management industry.

PT. PAKAR SINAR JAYA interviews and recruits trained certified offshore agency employees taken from ten major disciplines to work on an agency basis within the Oil and Gas construction industries. Our aim is to develop our workforce encouraging recruitment from a variety of offshore professions etc.

Mr. Zulfakar Ibrahim
Managing Director

Mr. Zulfakar Ibrahim is a Managing Director with over 10 years direct experience in the Marine Industry & Manpower Supply. As professional, he carried out company operations in the professional development with loyalty in quality.

Mr. Zulfakar Ibrahim, who has been involved in managing, manpower supply and human resources and for most of offshore & onshore project, has in-depth knowledge of the manpower supply, its needs and its future. Establishing the Company in 2004, he pursued a serve in qualified attitude at sea and onshore. Under his managing, the fleet grew from a small company to be fast growing company now with satisfy service.